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    Unwanted appearance changes

    Bella Mae

      I have noticed that some of the features in my document change when it is deployed on the server and made live online.  For example the radio buttons become tick boxes, the colouring and shadow alters and does not look as clean, text in text boxes goes from being single spaced to 1.5/double spaced.  I don't have permissions in the server but if anyone can point me in the direction of things i can do in the document or features i can ask our serverside guys to check it would be greatly appreciated.

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          Nitin Gupta

          First of all check your application in Web layout view.

          You can make adjustments accordingly.


          Weblayout shows how your app will look like in IE plugin....





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            Robert Fishel

            I don't have the answer, but I will second what you are saying Bella.  I have noticed that things do not look like they should once they are opened in various browsers.  Web layout is supposed to help you, though.

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              Hey Guys,

              My two cents.I believe Webview is a simulation of the Ajax client. It may not be accurate in all cases but definitely can be used as a guideline to see how your app will look like when opened through Ajax client .



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                Jaime Aguilar


                I think the best way to preserve the look & feel of desktop environment is using IE Plugin. However, you have to consider that some features are not available when using IE plugin:


                • Extensions will not work
                • Session Collaboration is not available in IE plugin


                In the other hand, you can use macros in IE (as opposed to Ajax Client where macros will not work) and in general look & feel will be the same as in desktop.


                In case you prefer to use Ajax Client, you have to consider some differences in layout like you said and also other ones like:

                • In general, rounding in objects will render poorly, so it's better to avoid rounding of edges
                • Calendar object displays somewhat different in Ajax
                • Consider the Macros vs Extensions issue (Macros will work just in IE, Extensions just in Ajax)
                • Some actions will not work


                Also, someone mentioned webview. It is a simulation of Ajax client, so you can preview extensions or visibility issues like the ones you've already mentioned.



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                  Bella Mae

                  Thank you all for your help, it turns out my issue was the server changing a setting rather and I have found a solution elsewhere on the site.