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    Census Data: Where to Start?

    Dan Hernandez



      I would like to gather census data and bring it into QlikView, I'm trying to determine what would be the best way to accomplish this task.  It's my understanding that an API exists which provides the ability to bring in this data.  My question with that approach is whether or not we can still have dimensions for each of the criteria (Age, Income, Education, Race, etc.) in order to drill down into the data.  If this is possible, can anyone share any insight as to how this may be accomplished within Qlikview?  The other option would be to use the flat files provided by the census.gov website, my hesitation with this approach is that it would require updates to a QVD file and more maintenance. Also, given the size of the data I'm not certain how performance would be impacted.  If anyone has done either, I would appreciate some insight on what would be the best way to accomplish this task.  Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.  The end result would be to incorporate this into Google maps to provide visual information without having to use a third party provider.


      As a followup, I'm simply trying to bring in census data into an already built application. I'm comfortable with the development just need to determine the best way to bring in census data. If anyone has accomplished such a task, I would greatly appreciate some insight.  Thanks once again for any assistance you may be able to provide.