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    QlikView Governance Dashboard

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have downloaded that Governance_Dashboard, but it seems it cannot access all the other apps we have to display the statistics about them.

      Can someone give me a hint there? Does it have to be in the same folder where the productive apps are located? (in that case, could it be one level up since we have apps in different folders)?


      Thanks a lot!

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          PFA FAQ pdf for Governance Dashbard, According to this, it should be installed nn the same machine as the QlikView Server / Publisher - under the C:\ProgramData\ QlikTech\Governance directory.

          (Check Page #8, Que #9)

          Also, you can try going through http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-3493

          Might be of help.



          Shyamal Pandit

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            Nils Morris


            The Governance dashboard is generally installed in a default directory and I usually or should say have not tried moving it or installing it in another directory. On the configuration tab I then point out the folders to scan.

            If you have different levels in your folder structure you have to make sure that all of those are included in the list of file paths to scan. If you use the "highest" folder level then you should get everything however there might be files present that you do not want to be included, in this case you can add keywords to be excluded (ignore specific folder names).


            Did you get any data from your other apps?