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    DMS Authorization

      How Can I Do DMS Authorization In Qlikview Server  .. Any Document Step by step ?


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          Fabrice Lawson

          This document should give you a clear understanding of different types of security and please take your time to read it through.

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            You should note that by changing from NTLM (Windows ACL
            permissions) to DMS the system moves from all doors open to all doors closed.
            Therefore, no one will have access to any documents/applications initially. You
            grant User access explicitly when using DMS mode. The shared files (meta/shared
            files) also stored alongside the QVW, will be used to control access to
            QlikView applications/documents when operating in DMS mode.



            DMS will work with windows and non-windows users from an authorisation
            perspective (you can still hook into AD/LDAP directories services to view
            users). You need to enable DMS in QlikView Server via the Management Console.
            Once you select DMS, you grant user access per application, via the
            authorization tab displayed in the User Documents area of QlikView
            Management console.  


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