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    Problem with the dimension in combo chart

    Reena Abraham

      Hi All,


      In my application i have two types of data,one is inquiry Data and the other is Delivery data.Both are coming from different files.(Xl's).

      for a particular month there will be inquiry and for a month there wil be delivery. This may or may not happen in the same month.The inquiry files and delivery files are connected based on the Inquiry Number.so for getting the total count frm inquiry i had taken Enq month as dimension and for getting the total count frm delivery taken delivery month

      but the requirement is that for each month i need to show in a combo chart.,,the total count of inquiry as bar and the conversion [ count(delivery)/Count(Inquiry) *100]. since the Month field for each files are different the conversion ratio is not comin correct. is there any method to achieve this. Problem is with the dimension(Month)

      Thnks in advance.inquiry conversion prob.png