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    Calendar-look table diagram

    Friedrich Hofmann



      in one of my apps, I have a rather complicated straight-table_diagram looking like a calendar_sheet.

      I will post a screenshot of it here, but I can also prepare a qvw with just that one diagram. That will just take some time as I have to prepare some sample base_data.

      Each cell in that "calendar_sheet" displays three things:

      - the date

      - the nr. of damage_events that occured on that day

      - the total amount of damage_events on that day.

      The background colour and text colour follow the nr. and amount of damage_events.

      Now I have a new requirement that those table_charts should (in addition to the currently available display of all damage_events across both plants) display the damage_events in either one of the plants.

      <=> Up to now I haven't found a way to do it without breaking that "calendar-sheet" look:

      => Just selecting a plant breaks the calendar-look. Implementing it as a set_expression does not seem to work, either, nor does implementing a third dimension "plant".


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,



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          Maybe not an answer to your question. but if you want to consider Extensions there is a great Calender extension. You can find it in the Examples folder and the application Extensions Examples in your Qlikview installation folder.

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              Friedrich Hofmann

              Hi Anton,


              yes, I'll think about it.

              Anyway, I'll go another way. These charts are just way too quirky, they already caused me enough of a headache. They do indeed display the correct values using a set_expression, you just must not make any selections in the multi_selection_box then. Since all that is only relevant for the reports_to_be_printed, that's a good way to go.

              I'll mark this as solved then. It would take up too much time to try and really get behind this.


              Best regards,