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    Indent Hotkey

    Robert Fishel

      Hello everyone.  Just wondering if there is a way to indent code in QV with a keyboard hot key combination instead of going through the menus? 

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          Massimo Grossi

          Hi thnkgreen

          CTRL QSC to get editor shortcut



          CURSOR_END_LINE_SELECT      Shift+End     

          CURSOR_END_BUFFER_SELECT    Ctrl+Shift+End

          CURSOR_END_LINE_GOTO        End           

          CURSOR_END_BUFFER_GOTO      Ctrl+End      

          CURSOR_HOME_LINE_SELECT     Shift+Home    

          CURSOR_HOME_BUFFER_SELECT   Ctrl+Shift+Home

          CURSOR_HOME_LINE_GOTO       Home          

          CURSOR_HOME_BUFFER_GOTO     Ctrl+Home     

          CURSOR_UP_GOTO              Up            

          CURSOR_UP_SELECT            Shift+Up      

          CURSOR_UP_SCROLL            Ctrl+Up       

          CURSOR_DOWN_GOTO            Down          

          CURSOR_DOWN_SELECT          Shift+Down    

          CURSOR_DOWN_SCROLL          Ctrl+Down     

          CURSOR_LEFT_GOTO            Left          

          CURSOR_LEFT_JUMP_GOTO       Ctrl+Left     

          CURSOR_LEFT_SELECT          Shift+Left    

          CURSOR_LEFT_JUMP_SELECT     Ctrl+Shift+Left

          CURSOR_RIGHT_GOTO           Right         

          CURSOR_RIGHT_JUMP_GOTO      Ctrl+Right    

          CURSOR_RIGHT_SELECT         Shift+Right   

          CURSOR_RIGHT_JUMP_SELECT    Ctrl+Shift+Right

          CURSOR_PAGE_UP_GOTO         PgUp          

          CURSOR_PAGE_UP_SELECT       Shift+PgUp    

          CURSOR_PAGE_DOWN_GOTO       PgDown        

          CURSOR_PAGE_DOWN_SELECT     Shift+PgDown  

          EDITOR_SELECT_ALL           Ctrl+A        

          EDITOR_UNDO                 Ctrl+Z        

          EDITOR_REDO                 Ctrl+Y        

          EDITOR_PRINT                Ctrl+P        

          EDITOR_GOTO                 Ctrl+G        

          EDITOR_CUT                  Ctrl+X        

          EDITOR_COPY                 Ctrl+C        

          EDITOR_COPY                 Ctrl+Insert   

          EDITOR_PASTE                Ctrl+V        

          EDITOR_PASTE                Shift+Insert  

          EDITOR_FIND                 Ctrl+F        

          EDITOR_FIND                 Ctrl+H        

          EDITOR_COMMENT              Ctrl+K         Ctrl+C        

          EDITOR_UNCOMMENT            Ctrl+K         Ctrl+U        

          EDITOR_FIND_NEXT            F3            

          EDITOR_FIND_PREV            Shift+F3      

          EDITOR_DELETE               Delete        

          EDITOR_DELETE_WORD          Ctrl+Delete   

          EDITOR_BACKSPACE            Back          

          EDITOR_BACKSPACE            Shift+Back    

          EDITOR_BACKSPACE_WORD       Ctrl+Back     

          EDITOR_INSERT_TAB           Tab           

          EDITOR_INDENT               Tab           

          EDITOR_OUTDENT              Shift+Tab     

          SITE_TAB_ADD                Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+T         Ctrl+A        

          SITE_TAB_PROMOTE            Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+T         Ctrl+P        

          SITE_TAB_DEMOTE             Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+T         Ctrl+D        

          SITE_TAB_RENAME             Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+T         Ctrl+N        

          SITE_TAB_REMOVE             Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+T         Ctrl+R        

          UTIL_EDITOR_INFO            Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+E         Ctrl+I        

          UTIL_DUMMY_TEST_SCRIPT      Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+Q        

          UTIL_UNICODE_INPUT          Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+U         Ctrl+I        

          UTIL_UNICODE_TABLE          Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+U         Ctrl+T        

          UTIL_JPEG_SCRIPT            Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+J         Ctrl+P         Ctrl+G        

          UTIL_MP3_SCRIPT             Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+M         Ctrl+P         Ctrl+3        

          UTIL_WMA_SCRIPT             Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+W         Ctrl+M         Ctrl+A        

          UTIL_SHORTCUT_TEXT          Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+S         Ctrl+C        

          UTIL_BUNDLE_JPEG_SCRIPT     Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+B         Ctrl+J        

          UTIL_PNG_SCRIPT             Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+P         Ctrl+N         Ctrl+G        

          UTIL_EDIT_STATEMENT         Ctrl+E        

          UTIL_BNF_LISTING            Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+B         Ctrl+N         Ctrl+F        

          UTIL_PARSE_LISTING          Ctrl+Q         Ctrl+L         Ctrl+I         Ctrl+S         Ctrl+T        


          Press Control and enter a unicode number with decimal digits

          Ctrl+6, Ctrl+5 (and release Ctrl) will give an 'A'

          Any unicode charachter can be entered this way