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    Top performance

    Mambi Badi

      Hello everyone,

      step 1 : from the table below i want to get for each field the best student in it  (with the highest note) i.e : Math->Student1 and 4, History-> Student2...


      Student 1Math9
      Student 1HISTORY5
      Student 1SPORT7
      Student 2Math3
      Student 2HISTORY10
      Student 2SPORT8
      Student 3Math6
      Student 3HISTORY7
      Student 3SPORT5
      Student 4Math9
      Student 4HISTORY8
      Student 4SPORT9


      step 2 : by selecting a student from the list i want to get only fields in witch he is has the highest note comparing to his friends i.e when if i select Student 1 i should have only Math, Student 4-> Math and SPORT...


      any idea ?