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    Section access not working with Publisher (when distributed)

      We upgraded to the publisher (11.0.11440.0) and the section access is not working when document is refreshed through publisher. If the dashboard is refreshed on the server but not distributed everything works perfect, but when refreshed & distributed through publisher, only admin can open the dashboard. It fails for all other users saying "You don't have access to this doc" . In other words, the NTNAME = ADMIN can see all data, but other persons (even when access is ADMIN or USER) cannot open their dashboard. Also, when strict exclusion is unchecked, it starts working fine but not when it is checked. QlikTech support replied like the service account is not set up properly in section access (because of observation that it works when strict exclusion is unchecked) but I can't find any error. Can you please help. Below is the script & section access file.

      Complete section access script:

      Section Access;



           UPPER(NTNAME) as NTNAME



      [D:\QlikView\Production\Access Control\Orders & Sales Access.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is test);

      star is *;

      Section Application;

      Section access file:



      ACCESS_KEY is a field in the data.

      Below are some more specifications

      - Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access
      - Strict exclusion is checked
      - Reload and distribute is in one single task, user type set on "All Authenticated Users"
      - Service account is in local admin & QV admin group on server
      - Service account is marked as admin in section access file
      - Tried thorugh IE as well as chrome.
      - QV Admin account has access, but no other users can’t open

      - Tried replacing * with blanks & actual keys but not working

      Please help!