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    Governance Dashboard 1.1 doesn't finish scan

      We are trying to use the Governance Dashboard version 1.1 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 server.  The issues is that the scan never finishes.  It currently just sits at \ and won't move past that.  I have let it run for over 18hrs with no results.  We are not using unc file paths, the path we are using is E:\QlikView\User Documents which is where the published applications live.

      Is anyone else having this issue, I understand the UNC path issue with version 1.1, but since we are not using this method I'm stumped.

      I have also tried to go one folder up which was suggested for the UNC issue with out any luck. 

      Also are there any other log locations for Governance Dashboard other than in the last run folder.  In looking at those logs, I don't see anything other than in the one log file that it is scanning.

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          Tyler Waterfall

          Hello Jeremy,

          Thanks for posting the question. Can you send me the following to see if I can help troubleshoot?

          1. screen shot of configuration page
          2. Governance Dashboard.qvw.log
          3. FullScan.messages.log (in profiles\default\QVX_LastRun folder)
          4. FullScan.Statistics.log ("")
          5. Are you scanning server and publisher? If so, how big is the QlikViewServer folder (where the log files are stored)?


          You can email me directly at tyler.waterfall@qlik.com


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              Hi Tyler,

              Having the same issue as Jeremy.  Will send the materials you requested.



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                  Tyler Waterfall

                  Don - sounds good - send the info.

                  Also, for your and everyone's reference, here's my notes from Jeremy's case:

                  This was a permissions issue.


                  • Scanning User Docs folder which included published apps for Access Point
                  • User that was logged in did not have write access to governance\...\profile\ folder – fixed that permission
                  • User did not have access to qvws (‘you do not have permission to view this’) --- we saw this error in Scan Results page of the Governance Dashboard
                    • To get the reload to finish without failing, we had to END Processs of QlikViewGovernanceConnector.exe (through Task Manager) after it got hung up trying to open those QVWs
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                      Tyler Waterfall

                      Another scenario to report:

                      Symptoms - long reload which is cancelled after 15 minutes because it appears to be hung.

                      Configuration: scanning a couple large (1GB) QVWs across a network using a mapped drive.

                      Potential issue: Reload time when scanning QVWs is affected primarily by three things: 'distance' between GovDashboard doing the scan and the QVWs (i.e. across network or ocean), size of QVWs (more important individual file size on disk than quantity of QVWs), and complexity of QVWs (objects, expressions, and lineage points.  This specific case was likely due to scanning large QVWs across the network.  Of course, reload time is also impacted by hardware being used. A quad-core solid-state drive machine will far outperform a dual-core machine.


                      Potential Fix: Shorten the distance between GovDashboard and QVWs being scanned by installing/reloading dashboard on the same machine as the QVWs.

                      Obviously, other factors might be going on here, so if you have this issue and moving the Dashboard and QVWs to the same computer doesn't resolve the issue (albeit temporarily), then let's investigate further.