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    QVP issue - License and Service

      I have a single node QVP running for the past three months without any issues and my current issue is as below


      Today morning i am able to see that the license information has been cleared out.

      But the service is up and running.

      In QMC i am able to reload and distribute the documents.

      In QMC under the status-> services i am able to see my QDS is running !!!!!

      In QMC under the license tab the QVP license is blank (ie without license information).


      Any idea how this happens or why my task reloads are still running even if the QVP License is blank ?


      How do i check when was the last time the license was working fine ? is there any logs which capture this information (If yes how do i find them. in which part of QMC will it be configured). ?