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    Problems with data transfer from Qlikview to Excel

      Hi all Qlikview users


      In my company, users are experiencing problems with data transfer from Qlikview to Excel.


      In the Qlikview accounting model, the users often selects data transfer to Excel ("send to Excel").

      Users expects that Excel only should open. Instead a combination of Internett Explorer and Excel occurs on the screen. This is confusing for the user and we are trying correct this problem. This problems occurs on the end user PC's and in our citrix instance, but not from an other server in the network used for Qlikview development.

      I am quit shure this problem is caused by any windows parameter controlling how how excel data occurs in internet explorer, and not how the Qlikview model is designed.

      Please see attached file as well for more information.


      Has anyone any suggestion to solve this problem.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards


      Gunnar B Melby

      Energiselskapet Buskerud (EB)