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    Macro to allow popup value in line chart

      Hi everyone,

      I am writing VB code in QV which creates an expression in an existing chart.

      I delete the old expresion with:

        UCB1.RemoveExpression 0


      The Create a new expresion with this:

        ExpNo = UCB1.AddExpression( "Sum(if ( ASAT = 'Monthend' AND BAND <> '<6 Months', fsB/1000))")


      This works fine but I cannot find the code to enable the Text as pop up. When I delete the Expresion and create the new one it sets it to false.


      I Getproperties earlier on in the code but when I reset them it overrites the expresion to the old one.


      Any help would be appreciated!!


      The closest I got was this:


      SET UCB1 = activedocument.getsheetobject("UCB1")
      SET pUCB1 = UCB1.GetProperties


      pUCB1.chartproperties.Showpopuplabels = True

      (I need to change the labels to the value. I'm not sure it is in 'chartproperties' but rather 'ExpressionVisualDef')


      Many thanks