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    Macros on server

    Marcin Sworzynski

      Hi Everyone

      I'm trying to reload using scheduler QlikView document containing two macros. Macros are used to count files in folder and delete files. Here is example of macro's code:

      public function DeleteFile(filePath)

         Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

         Dim retVal 'as Boolean

         If objFSO.FileExists(filePath) Then

            Call objFSO.DeleteFile(filePath)

            retVal = true


      Set objFSO = nothing

            retVal = false

         End If

         DeleteFile = retVal

      end function


      Locally those macros work fine. But when document is refreshed by scheduler I got general error as a result.

      Is there any workaround to launch document on server ?