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    Powerpoint session (OCX objects) locks windows account

      Hi all,


      I've been testing and playing around with QlikView OCX objects in a powerpoint file.

      This is working pretty good I must say, only using the powerpoint seems to be locking out my Windows account every now and then.


      The OCX objects come from a separate document on our access point to which only named users have access right now.

      For the time being I'm the only one actually using it though.

      To create the PowerPoint, I opened the AccessPoint document in my QlikView desktop client and then copied the needed objects into the PowerPoint file.

      The objects all react as expected and update when opening/browsing the slideshow.


      But I'm puzzled on what could be causing my Windows account getting locked out?

      My guess is that my QlikView session used by PowerPoint 'hangs' on the server or maybe this causes a series of logon attempts resulting in the account getting locked automatically by the Windows AD server...


      This is getting really annoying and I would hate to drop the combined functionalities of QlikView and PowerPoint because of this.


      Thanks for your ideas and answers,