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    Report layout issue



      I've developed some report in a Qlik app.

      I just want to print a a report on a printer (virtual and phisical) but I have some issues.


      In particular it works fine on the dev printer while it doesn't work on the user one, because I'm getting lots of issue with table layout.

      It seems that the printer wrongs all object dimensions, rendering them in a really bad way, cutting table columns in multiple pages and making the report unreadable.


      I've checked all printer settings and they are identical to the dev printer but nothing to do.

      Have you ever get this kind of issue ? How can I solve it ?



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          Qlikview reports are definitely not WYSIWYG.  One thing I can say is it makes sense to make pages that have large tables multi-page by going to Item > Page Settings > Page Type > Multi-Page in report editor.  Also make sure to right click on the table in report editor, go to items settings and choose Fill With Aspect under Item Settings.

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            Jaime Aguilar

            For QlikView reports, I would definitely check any of the 3rd party solutions, because reporting is not really one of the strengths of QlikView. I think by now you've realized that native reports could be a real pain. However there are some great alternatives like NPrinting,