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    Comparing FiscalYearDate to BillStartDate

    David Young

      I received help on my Master Calendar question earlier.  It will help but here is the issue I have:


      I have two dates in my table:


      FiscalYearBeginDate which could be 7/1/2012, 8/1/2012, 9/1/2012, etc.

      BillStartDate which could be any date so as an example lets say 2/1/2013


      What I need to know is the following:


      If FiscalYearBeginDate = 7/1/2012 then BillDate 2/1/2013 is Month 7 of Fiscal Year 2012, 8/1/2012 is Month 6 of Fiscal Year 2012, 9/1/2012 is Month 5 of Fiscal Year 2012, etc. 


      So for each BillStartDate I need to know which month and fiscal year that date falls into.  Does this make sense.



        • Re: Comparing FiscalYearDate to BillStartDate
          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hi David,


          so, if I understand correctly, you just want an "alternative" master_calendar that starts with whatever date your fiscal year starts?

          Not sure how to do that.

          You could try using networkdays(), however, that would give you a nr. of days that elapsed since the beginning of the fiscal year up to the bill_date.



          Best regards,