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    QlikView Server error: An exception (O) occured during open..

    Isaiah Weed

      Hey everybody > using QV 11.2 SR4 here.  I'm seeing QlikViewServer record three or four events daily in the Windows application log that look this this:


      EventID: 300 - An exception (O) occured during open of documentname.qvw. (where documentname in the specific qvw file.)


      These are not specific to any document(s) and this error has started with the upgrade to 11.2 (from 11.0.)  Prior to the upgrade I see a simlar pattern of events like this:


      EventID: 300 - qvpx: Exception while handling request


      These aren't causing me any specific problems of which I'm aware, but does anyone know what could be causing these events?


      Thanks! -Isaiah