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    Direct Discovery

    Staffan Johansson

      Hi, I have just made my first Direct Discovery load.


      I have done a test case where I load approximate 10 millon rows. 3 dimensionfield and 2 Implicit/Measure field.

      1 load Direct Discovery, 1 load the traditional way from a sql-server with an OLEDB connection.

      The Loadtime is almost the same, nothing to care about. But when I select in a listbox and have a pivot with my 3 dimenssion and 1 expression it takes VERY long time to calculate the expression in the Direct Discovery application, not userfriendly. This is not even an option to use even if it saves a lot of space on disc. I have use 11.20 SR4 with the "old" Implicit statment. Have you experiensed the same as I have??