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    Set analysis, ensure one record is always displayed regardless of user selection



      I have a line graph with multiple lines being displayed. the dimensions that each line represents is the UserID. I have a specific UserID (-1) which I want to display regardless of the users selection.


      So for example if there were 100 users and therefore 100 lines on the graph. If a user selects UserID's 1 to 50 I want it still to display the UserID -1. I realise this should be achieved with set analysis but am unable to achieve it.


      The expression that I am currently using is:



      If(PositionEvent.Position='Middle' and Gender='Male',(EventTime),

      If(PositionEvent.Position='Middle' and Gender='Female',(EventTime)*-1,



      I believe I might need to use the MAX function to wrap the set analysis around?


      So my aim is that the graph should show only the selected UserIDs based on the user's filters except regardless of the user's selection the UserID of -1 will be displayed.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.