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    String Pattern Matching

    Robert Fishel

      Hello my QV friends.  I am trying to figure out the best way to find string patterns.  For example, the string in question, if it has values for all sections, can look like this:




      So that would be 4 characters, asterisk, then 8, asterisk, 10, asterisk, 8, asterisk and then 4.


      However, some times there may not be a value in the first section of 8, like this:



      Or maybe sometimes it can be like this:



      Should I be using WILDMATCH for this?  I am trying to capture all possible variations.  Any other ideas?  Thank you.



      I have been working on this now for a little while and have the following:


      TEST: LOAD SAP_GL_CODE,   IF(LEN(SAP_GL_CODE) = 38 AND ,'YES','NO') AS TEST,   IF(SAP_GL_CODE LIKE '????' & chr(42) & '????????' &chr(42)& '??????????' &chr(42)& '????????' &chr(42)& '????','YES','NO') AS ALL RESIDENT DATA;


      The code works.


      My problem now is that if I put something like


      IF(SAP_GL_CODE LIKE '????' & chr(42) & chr(42) & '??????????' &chr(42)& '????????' &chr(42)& '????','YES','NO') AS NOT_ALL


      this code doesn't work.  Does anyone know how to write two chr()'s back to back??  Thanks.