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    What if analysis based on specific order

    Krishan Patel

      I have 5 data sets. All have a Unique ID and a flag to specify whether it is a House(1), Car(2), Store (3)or a Mall(4). The fifth(5) data set has all the unique ID that could be in any of the first 4 data sets.

      I need to be able to rank the 4 data sets. Lets say this is the Rank House(1), Car(2), Store (3), Mall(4).


      In my dashboard i need to be able to use the 5th data set and have it look up the unique ID in the first ranked source, if there is a value then use that value if not go to the next rank which would be 2(Car) and so forth. However the kicker is i need to be able to change the Rank freely(without having to reload any scripts...the end user should be able to adjust the ranks and see the outcome immediately) and the dashboard or whatever form i use to present my data needs to reflect based on the current specified Rank.



      1 - House

      2 - House

      3 - House

      4 - House



      1 - Car

      2 - Car

      3 - Car

      4 - Car



      1 - Store

      2 - Store

      3 - Store

      4 - Store



      1 - Mall

      2 - Mall

      3 - Mall

      4 - Mall


      5th Data Set

      2 - House





      If everything was ranked as is then the 5th data set would find ID number 2  in the House data set and place House as the value returned. If the rank was changed to the Mall being Ranked first then the 5th data set should find ID number 2 in the Mall first and put Mall as the value.