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    Set Analysis - String Search

      Hi All,


      I am having great difficulty figuring this one out. My table has 2 fields



      CLI, {Caller Line Identity}


      If I select the 5th of this month, I want to count all calls on the 1st where the CLI appears in both the 5th and the 1st. I want to be able to write this using a chart with a synthetic dimension i.e.


      Dimension - Valuelist('FCR','Non-FCR')

      Expression - Pick(Match(Valuelist('FCR','Non-FCR'),'FCR','Non-FCR'),count(DISTINCT {<Call={"$(=Concat(DISTINCT {<Date={'$(=Date(Max(Date)-4))'}>}Call,','))")}>}Call),the opposite of the FCR query)


      I tried using the implicit set analysis as so count(DISTINCT Call = p(1<Date={'$(=Date(Max(Date)-4))'}<})Call) but this did not work either.


      Please this is urgent, hope you guys and gals can sort me out