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    Using date input box and list boxes to filter date ranges

      Hi there,


      I'm working on a dashboard which provides users with multiple filtering options.  Currently users can filter dates by Year, Quarter, Month, Week and Day of Week using various list boxes.  What I have been asked to add is the ability to enter in a specific date range on top of this.


      The fields used in the list boxes are contained within a date look up table which is joined to specific date field within the main data set e.g I'm not calculating Year(Field_Name) I'm actually using specific fields so:


           Date Lookup Table:






           Source_Date (which is joined to Operation_Date in the main dataset)


      What I need to be able to add is an input box or calendar object which allows the user to input a start date and end date (also linked to Operation_Date) whilst also keeping the List Boxes.  I have seen some examples of how to set up a date range using variables but I don't know quite how to do this when needing to also keep list boxes in the scenario.   Any help would be appreciated.