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    Hints on selected QV-objects



      I'm newbe as QV developer but i've already prepare a few reports so far.


      I've just face the new requirement - add hints to selected objects. I've noticed that Help Text property works as i expected for Text-based objects. The question is: is the solution to show the hint on gauge or bar instead of current value?


      Thank you in advance for prompt,


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          Miikka Koskinen



          You can add help-text also to Gauge-charts you just have to keep caption visible.




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              Thank you for fast answer.


              The dashboard on which i'm currently working is totally overfilled. We decide to do not show captions to save the space.


              Is any possibility to make available custom hints without showing caption bar?



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                  Charlotte Gilbert

                  You could create a text box, and then attach an action to run a macro, which then displays text.


                  We use this format in the module for a 'help button',  which is actually a text object with an image of a help button in the background.



                  sub TX_Help_message

                  dim helptext

                  helptext = "QlikView Help"
                  helptext = helptext+vbcrlf+vbcrlf +"For a general overview of this document, please see the 'Guidance Notes' tab."
                  helptext = helptext+vbcrlf+vbcrlf +"For additional information regarding each measure, click on (or hover over) the question mark in the corner of each chart."
                  helptext = helptext+vbcrlf+vbcrlf +"If you require any further assistance, please contact the QlikView team via e-mail."

                  msgbox helptext,vbinformation,"QlikView Help"

                  end sub



                  Hope this helps.


                  Edit: Here is the image we use, but you can use any help button image.