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    duplicate cals consumed - no session!

    Dror Svartzman



      We've been experiencing the following strange behavior:


      1. User A from our Berlin's office cannot open a particular document [X] in Qlikview AccessPoint

      2. After 2 minutes, user gets Session lost message

      3. User A consumes for this failed attempt 3 document call

      4. No session entry exist in the session log

      5. Could not find any problem in the event log



      • connection is not fast but also certainly not slow.
      • If i try to login through the same computer i am able to open the document without a problem
      • server side config
        • Qlikview Enterprise 11.2 SR3
        • Windows 2012
        • located in Amsterdam
      • client side config
        • chrome
        • windows 7






      Event log