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    Report not coming in email for a Particular User?

    Dicky Mohanty

      Hi All,


      In one of my QVW screen, I have placed an Input Box, where users have to write their respective work email ids (They are opeing the file in IE Plugin). Then clicking a button beneath it, a report (in excel and PDF) will be sent to that particular email entered.

      The Button has a long Macro code written to generate report in email provided.


      All the business users including me are able to get that report through mail, but ONE particular user is not able to get any report. He is not getting any errors as well. For other users the report is taking hardly 2 minutes to come through email.


      I tried taking his email id and entering at my system and he is able to get the report in his email. but he is not able to do at his system. What could be the possible reasons for it?


      PS: We have 150 CALS, and the particular user has a valid licence as well.