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    Calculated Dimension with Threshold Variables

    Callum Sparrowhawk

      Hi Everyone!


      I want to be able to indicate the effect of different factors on certain KPIs in a dashboard where the user has the option to select a factor (from a drop down linked to a variable) and set thresholds for classifying this as 'High', 'Medium' and 'Low', showing the average for weekly KPI value for High, Med and Low weeks.


      The variables I have are:

      $(vHigh) - above which classifies as a High week [linked to input box]

      $(vLow) - below which classifies as a Low week [linked to input box]

                (in between these two thresholds is a medium week)

      $(vFactor) - selected from drop down


      Data is at a weekly granularity. Something resembling:

      LOAD * Inline [Week, KPI, Factor

                1, 0.7, 17

                2, 0.9, 18

                3, 1.1, 14];



      I figured I need to use a calculated dimension to classify each week as either high, medium or low based on the variables and then average the metric score for the week.


      Can anyone help me with this?


      Much appreciated.