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    Macro Issue


      Hi Experts


      I am facing problem and I have a doubt regarding Macro changes which reflect Automatically.

      I have a Batch file from where I Run My Mail Alerts Application.

      For Testing Purpose, I Copy the Batch File and Application to the New Folder.

      After doing this, Run the Batch the Mail Alerts Application opens up. Than I Open the Macro and Select "Don't Run At All" from the Current Local Security. This thing I done in Testing.


      The Problem which I am facing is that the changes which I have made on the Test Application also reflects on the Main Application and on the next day when the Schedule Process Run than the Mail Alerts stop working and stuck at the Macro Window.

      Also after doing testing, I delete that folder and correct the Macro Current Local Security to "Allow System Access" and Save the Application but still this Problem occurs.


      Please provide help on this that how can I Test Mail Alerts on other folder such that the changes made in it will not reflect on the Main Mail Alerts Application.



      Aviral Nag

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          AVIRAL NAG

          Hey Experts


          Got the Solution for my Question.

          Since the Macro Name is Same in both the Applications - Original & Copied and Trigger - Run Macro Name is also Same so if you change the name is copied Application it will reflect the same in the Original Macro Also.

          So, change the name of the Macro both in Macro and Trigger Run Macro Field Name.