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    Creating new columns with new reload

      Hi All,


      I have a QVD which has two column as 'Name' and 'Place' with value as:

      Name          Place

      Pranav        India

      Peter           America


      I want to give another column in this as ADD-Time means.

      If tomorrow when my QV app refreshes and checks with old qvd that my Column value Pranav is not in new refresh then in new column as TERM-Time give value as Current date.

      And if a new Name has came Which was not in previous load example as Danny then in new column as ADD-Time give value as Current Date.


      Chart how i want after new refresh:

      Name          Place                ADD-Time          TERM-TIME

      Pranav        India                                             Current Date

      Peter           America

      Saurabh     India                   Current Date


      Please help its Urgent.