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    Put the value of a variable in all lines of a table


      I got a problem that i really don't know how to fix.


      I have a table Itab with 3 columns.

      I also want to store the value of another field in a variable, so my first question is how to do this?

      Where should i put the if statement in which i fill this variable?



      load [Field0_] as Division,

        [Field2_] as Magasin,

        [Field4_] as Stock

      resident ZSD_PROG

      where isNum([Field0_])=-1 and isNum([Field2_])=-1;


      IF [Field6_] like '??.??.????' then;

        let var = [Field6_];



      Then, i want to store the table Itab into another table Itab2.

      My problem is that i want to add a column Date and store in this column the value of my variable.

      I think it must be something like that but i can't be sure because the first thing i need to do is to fill correctly my variable var.



      load *,

      $(var) as Date

      Resident Itab;


      Drop Table Itab;



      Can anyone help me please?



      Best Regards,