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    Gauge segment scales

    Charlotte Gilbert

      Does anyone know if it is possible to have different scales for different segments within the same gauge chart?


      For example, the gauge would have 3 equally sized sections, however the scale for the first section would be for 0% to 80%, then the second section 80% to 90%, and the final section 90% to 100%.

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          Ionut Toader

          Hi Gilbert,

          I don't think you can do that. In your example, why would you want to have equally sized sections when scales are different? To me, it looks like you need those 2 scales (80%-90%, 90%-100%) bigger because most of the time the needle should point there.


          It might be a solution to dynamically change the scale depending on the value of the KPI. So, for every value that is more than 70%, then you can display 3 segments with equal sizes: 70-80%, 80-90%, 90-100%.


          Have a nice day!

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              Charlotte Gilbert

              Thank you,


              This was a request from the users to have equally sized sections but to have the scale different for the 'red' section - we initially had the gauge at 0-100%, but as most of the scale was 'red' (0-80%) they weren't happy with the look of it.


              In the interim we have set it to start at 70% (as per your suggestion) and label it '0-70%'. We have a separate text box showing the actual value, so if it is less than 70% the user would get the value from the text box instead.


              I thought it might not be possible the first way, but thought I'd check anyway.