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    Creating a Reduced Document from a current reduced document

      So to give a little background, we have an App that we are doing a loop and reduce on, based on Active Directory Groups.  We have 19 groups, which match up to Departments in the APP, we run a loop and reduce and the document is reduced and distributed so now we have 19 documents in the published folder.  What I need to do is reduce one of those documents further.  We have department which has 20 different sections and they want a reduced document for each of those sections. 

      We have the AD Groups that go to each section, so I'm hoping that I can just load the new excel spreadsheet like I did the current one that ties AD Groups to Departments and then create a new task that triggers off of the completion of the current task and instead of reducing based on department, now reducing based on section and creating the further reduced documents.


      Here is the script that is in the non reduced document:

      LOAD Department as [Academic Department],
      [AD Group] as ADgroup
      FROM dept mapping.xlsx
      ooxml, table is Sheet1,embedded labels);

      OLEDB CONNECT32 TO [Provider=ADsDSOObject;User ID=xxx\xxxxxxxx;Encrypt Password=False;Data Source=LDAP://xxxxxx;Mode=Read;Bind Flags=0;ADSI Flag=-2147483648] (XPassword is KGWVbIFGRKcCTYFEBBBB);

      first 50
      distinguishedName as GroupKey,
      cn as "ADgroup",
      subfield(member,'|') as KEY_User;
      sql select distinguishedName,cn,member from 'LDAP://xxxxxxxx' where cn = 'xxxxx*';

      So in the above script we are loading an excel file which ties our Departments to AD Groups, creating a OLEDB connection to our AD Server and then using a sql statement to get a list of groups that match our criteria.

      The real question is, does the script information I provided here still live in the reduced document?  If it doesn't then I will have to figure out a different way of doing this.