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    Linking large tables – Synthetic Key, Join or Manual Key ?

      Hello all,

      I have 2 tables that are populated by multiple spread sheets over night and are then stored in QVD files for applications to access. One table grows by around 200,000 a night and the other by about 1,000,000. Since we are just starting out with this I would like to get the structure correct from the outset....

      Table X:


      Table Y,

      A,B,1,2,3,4 ......26

      Coming from a relational database background I am simply loading the 2 QVD into my application and let QlikView create a synthetic table to join them.

      My charts/tables will contain a mixture of information from the both tables.

      Is this a efficient way to handle this amount of data ?

      Should I use a join each night to create one table and save this as a QVD ?

      Should I create a manual link between the 2 tables ?

      Is this infact the best way to do this ?

      As the information will only be loaded out of hours I would prefer the overhead to be happening here if possible.


      Thanks for the help !!!