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    QlikView maps Overview



      As I have understand it, it is so far not possible out of the box to make map visualizations analysis!?


      I can see that there is a lot of both free and paid for extensions, and I am looking for an overview, to make a better decision.


      Does the integration with Google maps work just fine? Is Analytics8 worth it and so on!? Which is most suitable for this and that?    

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          Logesh Jayaraman

          Using extension you can get the Mapping integration.

          You can develop your own extension or buy it (Look at QliKMarket for the vendors who is providing the extensions) or use the extensions available in QliKView Community or if SR5 use the mapping extension example(Check the SR5 release notes for more details).


          You have to validate the product based on your requirements.


          QlikView community has lot of details on mapping extension with google maps and also with open sources Maps.

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            Thx, indeed there is a lot out there, so I am just trying to make an overview, figuring out what is what.


            I have opened the SR5 example extension (seems easy), how far can I get with that extension? What are the limits?

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              Well I understand that Google maps is not completely free, as it depends on conditions e.g. running on a server probaly will need some kind of license.    

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                  Alexander Karlsson

                  There is sadly very few things as a free, and hassle-free, lunch.


                  Some good free mapping extensions would be the example that shipped with SR5 for drawing polygons and markers. Or check out the svgReader extension which allows you to map values against areas, such as a state or country for example. You'll find it at brianwmunz/svgReader-QV11 · GitHub and it ships with a bunch of different svg files.


                  Then the hard work starts, geocoding addresses or making sure you have the IDs in your data to much up with the SVG. For example like 2 letter ISO codes or US state names.


                  Geocoding address is always a hassle, mainly since most free to use resource are either outdated, well in practice no-one has 100% accurate info, or manual upload/download processes. Google, Yahoo, Nokia and other vendors usually let you convert a limited amount of addresses per day IF you a individual and not a corporation or if you are hosting a public facing website as a company.

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                  I Choose to try out Geoqlik. It seems pretty easy to get started. I ask for manual and license prices but never got any answers. So I would like to find an alternative.