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    Change color of bar chart based on current selection(YTD Problem)



      I am changing the color of the bars in a Bar Chart based on a selection in 'Period Number'. This code below is working fine when selecting one or multiple 'Period Number(s)'.


      =IF(GETPOSSIBLECOUNT([Period Number])<>COUNT({1}DISTINCT TOTAL [Period Number]),
      IF(MATCH([Period Number],CONCAT(DISTINCT [Period Number],',')),
      RGB(252,100,98), ARGB(85,252,100,98)))


      Now i am trying to expand this code with my YearToDate function. So If variable vYTD = 1 he should change all colors of the bars witch are even or previous to the selection in 'Period Number'.



      YTD is active and the Selected Period Number = 3

      Period 1: Green

      Period 2: Green

      Period 3: Green

      Period 4: Grey

      Period 5: Grey



      I've tried different options but got none of the working.. Options like: IF(vYTD = 1 AND vMaxPeriod <= GetFieldSelections([Period Number]), GREEN(), RED()))


      Can someone please help me out? Thanks!