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    svn integration

      We have 4 developers all working on the same qvw.

      we have an svn server that we update/commit from.

      we have the -prj folder populated and added to source control.

      however, we're constantly having issues where changes made by another are not picked up by others, and showing in the qvw, when doing an svn update.

      so my question isn't so much 'what am i doing wrong' but rather directed to somebody that has a multi-developer environment thats using svn and 'how are you making it work'?

      just a brief description of your teams workflow and recommendations.

      Thanks in advance!

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          Hey Daniel,

          I hear you. We use SVN and for .qvw files merging can't be done unfortunately.

          I think communication is the key. The developers need to talk to each other and make sure just one developer has the latest .qvw (get all the changes other developers have made to their file)  and he is the one who commits the files in the repository.

          If there are other better ways please share them.


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              we've actually pulled the qvw's out of source control. the binaries are large and dont merge.

              our biggest issue is workflow with the -prj folder.

              i'm just curious to see how a team that is successfully using svn for qlikview source control is making it work for them.

              i'm thinking maybe our workflow may be an issue.

              not sure at this point.

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              Peter Cammaert

              It seems that changes by others must be merged into your modified source part before you check it in. At least according to this document: Updated Guide to QlikView and Source Control (TFS & Subversion)


              Not using svn (yet) but planning to.



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                Charles Crous

                Hi Daniel


                You might find the following blog posting of interest (it's one in a series of 4). They are using Mercurial as their (distributed) Version Control software, but the posts do touch on some of the challenges of getting version control to work for your team and not against you.




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                    christian juillard

                    Hi everybody,



                    I have to manage 3 environnements and multiples .qvw.

                    When a team of developpers are modifying scripts and charts, does TFS or SVN can handle this thru -prj folder ?

                    I have read document TFS & subversion as welle as some posts but even if i understand these can manage versions



                    1. I want to be sure modifications (especially for charts expressions) can be merged.

                    2. Once the .qvw is commited as a new version, is it possible to use SVN or TFS to deploy the same in the 3 environnement ?


                    thank you for your answers