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    Tips,Ideas, Etc on Tab Views

    David Young

      Hi All,


      I am loading all the data once and want to create different tabs, list boxes, and charts for the application I am working on.  What I was wondering are there any tips, tricks, etc someone can share with me to help out.  I have included a couple of screen shots to demonstrate what I want to accomplish.  In the first picture you see the user has all the possible options for Type, Status, and Industry.  Here is the screen shot:



      Here is the second shot with the only thing different is I want to only show 2 Industry types but all the Types and Statuses. 




      I hope this makes sense.



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          Jeremiah Kurpat

          Use an expression in your listbox like:


          =if(match(Industry, 'Charter', 'Public K-12'), Industry)


          This will only show the two Industries.


          Hope this helps!

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            Nicole Smith

            If you want what is displayed based on the user, you should search the community and QV help for Section Access.

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                David Young

                HI Nicole.  


                That hat is what I thought.  I am new to Qlikview and still learning.  I will look up Section Access to get a better understanding of it.  That is the direction I want to go.  I am creating this one document for my Sales and Marketing teams. I want to make it really easy to use with selections. I am thinking there is a way to expand so that each of my teams opens the one document and only sees the tabs that they need to see. 


                If I may ask another question. I believe I can create a text box the same size as my chart.  Make it a top top layer and put a condtional message if there are no selections in the current selections.  I have not done it before but I read it somewhere.

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                    Nicole Smith

                    Hi David,


                    You should be able to do everything you've mentioned with a mix of section access and by using OSUser() or QVUser() depending on how you set up the document.


                    You can create a text box with a conditional message about the current selections.  For this, I think you want to look into the function GetCurrentSelections():

                    getcurrentselections ([RecordSep [, TagSep [,ValueSep [, MaxValues]]]])

                    Returns a string with the current selections in the document.

                    RecordSep is the separator to be put between field records. The default is <CR><LF>.

                    TagSep is the separator to be put between the field name tag and the field values. The default is ': '.

                    ValueSep is the separator to be put between field values. The default is ', '.

                    Maxvalues is the maximum number of field values to be individually listed. When a larger number of values is selected the format 'x of y values' will be used instead. The default is 6.


                    getcurrentselections ( )

                    getcurrentselections ( chr(13)&chr(10) , ' = ' )

                    getcurrentselections ( chr(13)&chr(10) , ' : ' , ' ; ' )

                    getcurrentselections ( chr(13)&chr(10) , ' : ' , ' ; ' , 10 )