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    How to use dynamic date to analyse sales vs latest stock



      I'm new to Qlikview and I try to create my own analyses for my Retail business (sales, stock, orders, delivery)

      I would like to create a view per product where I can see the following:


      SKUSales QtyQty On HandQty OrderedQty Delivered
      SKU 11045014

      SKU 2



      I would like to use a filter on the Sales date, so I can get the sum or average Qty Sold on the period I select. However, when I do this, my Qty On Hand, ordered and delivered are all 0 (there is no date in stock table as it's always the current stock).


      How should I import and link my facts table (sales, stock, order, delivery) and dimensions tables (Store info, Item info) ?


      Thank you