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    QV11.2 SR1 performance on VPN



      We are facing a challenge with respect to Qlikview application being accessed by VPN. The application is being accessed by using IE plug in. The application performance is poor when it is being accessed by using VPN.


      What are the checks which can be performed and how do we get to the root cause of the issue for a possible resolution?

      I have read a post regarding checking the port of communicaiton and setting it to 4747 in case it is 80 so we are checking on that front.

      Request a quick help to resolve the issue.


      Thank you.




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          Guzman Garcia

          Hi Harshraj,


          If you are using IE Plugin you need open the port 4747 for the clients. Hold opened the port 80 to access by http protocol (or 443 to access by https secure protocol) and the 4747  for qlikview qvpx logical protocol.

          Try opening both ports in clients computers, server, and in vpn security policies.


          Try also access by ajax to test the performance and we can discard possible scenarios.


          Kind Regards.