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    Range as a dimension

      Hello ,


      I am new to qlikview, i want to give Range as dimension. i heard from somebody it will be done using "class"  function i was trying to make range over the values existing in the source.but i could't get the exact view on chart.


      I am describing my example here please find


      I have the data set

      TimeDate    PvVariablesUnit  value

      12/12/2013    Time - Sec             110.20125544544

      12/08/2013    Time - Sec             190.24514477784    

      20/12/2013   Temparature-C        120.02121145511  .... Like this.


      i am going to make frequency chart to find the count of values between the range .


      For ex : I want to plot a chart on Frequency range from 100 to 150. in my dataset i am having two values on the same range.


      so how can i make this formula (Range) as a dimension.


      Can any body suggest me on this.


      Thank you.