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    CAL licenses disappear overnight

      We have 2 servers, a live one and a test one. Over 40 dashboards have been developed, some of which are in live use. A number of users have been given Document CALs to use specific dashboard by means of Access Point.


      Intermittently, users report to us they have been denied access to a dashboard, and when we look at the management console on the relevant server (live or test) we find that the CAL licenses on that server have all been deleted.


      This problem is causing quite a bit of inconvenience, as we never know when it's going to happen and when it does, users can't get onto the system till we re-create their licenses. This affects both servers on different days.


      On one occasion (Monday this week), one of the team I'm in found his user CAL license had been deleted, which prevented him from using the Qlikview development environment. This problem may be related.


      Can anybody recommend any patch we need to apply, any settings we should check, anything we should look for in an error log or any other action we could take to eliminate this problem?