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    Aggregate Expression Help


      Hey All. I'm a beginner user trying to get a grip on expressions. I'm pretty sure what I need to accomplish is pretty simple but I'm definitely struggling. Any guides on expressions would also be appreciated.

      I need a label to aggregate the max number of users at any time, summed across all values. I.e. In the example below, if Jun 5 was selected it would return 11. If June 6 was selected it would return 10. If nothing was selected it return 11. If Serv1 was selected, it would return 5. If Serv1 and June 6 were selected it would return 3, etc.



      DateTimeServerMax Users
      Jun 5Serv15
      Jun 5Serv26
      Jun 6Serv13
      Jun 6Serv27

      Thanks in advance for any guidance that can be provided.