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    AD Group show proper access to QVW, but access is denied in Access Point

      We have a QVW which we have created a task for.  In the task we are distributing based on Named users and add our Active Directory group Qlikview_QDash.  We are running QlikView server in NTFS mode just as note.  When we run the task, I can check out the properties of the file and see that our group was added, with full control.  When I open up access point though, and open the QVW I get the message that access is denied.

      So we changed it around a little bit, where we created a local group and then added the AD group into it.  We switched the task to now use the local group instead of the AD group.  What happens now is that users can access the app, but then come back later and not have access.  Seems to be very hit and miss on when a user can access the app.  We have verified that we have enough user cals and session cals, so that isn't the issue.

      The real question here is, why would an AD group that has access to the app, still be denied access?


      Any help would be beneficial.


      Running on server 2008 R2 with Qlikview 11.2