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    aggregation on calculated dimension

    Mambi Badi

      Hi everyone,

      from the table below :


      Element A1

      Element A2

      Element A3

      Element A4

      Element A5

      Element B1

      Element B2

      Element B3

      Element C1

      Element C2

      Element C3

      Element C4

      Element D1

      Element D2

      Element D3

      Element D4

      Element E1

      Element E2

      Element E3

      i created a first chart using Left(trim(A),Len(trim(A))-1) as a calculated dimension and  Count(A) as expression then  i get  this result



      from here i want to create a second chart so i get this result :

      5 -> 1 ( 1 element A ),

      4 -> 2 ( 2 elements C and D) ,

      3 -> 2 ( 2 elements B and E)


      i tried aggregation but no results

      any idea ?