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    QDF v 1.3.2 now avalible

    Magnus Berg

      QlikView Deployment framework 1.3.2 is now released

      this is a minor upgrade from version 1.3.x

      Whats new?

      Fixed bug in CreateFolder sub function

      Added 'Single Folder' and 'Qualified fields' switches in DoDir sub function

      Added short name (LCGV) for LoadContainerGlobalVariables, example: call LCGV('Acme','QVD')

      Added 'Include Sub folders' switch to QVDMigration, this will migrate all qvd's within a directory tree

      Added new 10.QVDLoad.qvs sub function used when loading up a complete data model from qvd files, including sub folders.

      Updated Example_Northwind_Mart that now includes QVDLoad sub function

      Changed to REPLACE LOAD in 1.Init.qvd, 3.LoadContainerMap.qvs and 2.LoadVariableCSV.qvs to work better with Incremental load


      Automatic update 1.3.x to 1.3.1 via the deploy tool, just point Extract Location to your QDF root path.

      Only vanilla QDF should be updated automatically, custom modifications of 1.Init.qvs will be removed.

      Deploy Tool.PNG.png