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    Question about qlikview joining

      Dear all, we're trying to create a new document reading data from two tables


      INVOICES   has three columns YEAR, NUMBER and CODCLI

      SUPPLIERS has only 1 column CODCLI


      We have several suppliers without any invoice.


      When we create a Table from INVOICES we see some rows with NUMBER and YEAR NULL for SUPPLIER that haven't invoices.


      At the moment we remove these rows choosing to Omit NULL Values

      Is this the correct way?

      Is it possible to perform this action in another way?

      We'd like to perform something similar to an inner join between INVOICES and SUPPLIERS tables.

      Thank you for your help.

      Best regards


        • Re: Question about qlikview joining

          Well depends if you are gonna use those supplier information somewhere in your dashboard at some point.


          If you know for sure you wont show those suppliers at some point in the report what's the point on having the data in the first place?


          Assuming that what i said is true for your case






          from "yoursourceInvoices"


          LEFT JOIN




          from "yoursourceSuppliers"


          This script wont show suppliers without any invoice.


          Hope it helps.

          Juan Pedro