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    Assigned licence in desktop from Server

      I have a test server with 25 licences,


      I have 7 licences free.


      I do a new user in the server.




      i open in my local desktop

      Open in server




      It do Perfect, now in mangame console in licence apply 1 to my local machine, but i cant oppen other docummentes.


      (see pic1) i think the license is not assigned.. i can open the server document, i can create new one, but i can´t open old qvw.

      I need our help


      i put some pictures.



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          Steve Dark

          Hi Federico,


          Unfortunately you can not lease licences from a Test server.  In order to lease a licence to your Desktop edition you will need to lease that from your Production server.  This will then allow you to open .qvw files from your test server.


          If you are in an environment where Prod and Test are on different networks then it can be a real problem - and in this case you may need to buy a separate Desktop licence in order to have a licenced QlikView Desktop in your Test environment.


          Hope that explains your issue.



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            ouch!! ok, i will try with a Production server licence.

            Another dude.


            IF i have a licence form production and i develop in local in Qlikview Desktop.


            Then i can will open it in Test invironment?


            I use to read your blog! Thanks for share information

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                Steve Dark

                Remember that you can lease a licence for one user onto (I think) two different machines.  So, say you are using your AD account you can lease a licence onto your laptop, and then another one onto the development server - as long as you are logged in as that user.


                Often you need to have a Desktop edition licenced on the server, as sometimes things that work on a developers machine don't on the server and you need to investigate.


                Glad you read the blog, I do try and put a couple of interesting articles on there a month - there is now an option to subscribe to it via email as well if you want to.