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    Upgrading to v11 SR5 from v11.0.111

    stuart wannop

      Hi Everyone


      I want to upgrade Qlikview server to the latest release v11(SR5). I am currently running 11.0.11154.0 (Server only, not Publisher).


      From the threads I've read I understand the upgrade is pretty straightforward if it's the same major version. I've also read the Technical Brief on Qlikview 11 upgrades and migrations.


      After making a backup I went to do the upgrade after downloading the latest version and it told me that it wanted to uninstall Qlikview. I'm not that technical when it comes to this sort of stuff and it made me a little nervous that I was uninstalling the entire product first as I was under the impression that the latest release would just install over the top of it.


      Can anyone advise me what to do when upgrading to versions, am I doing it right?