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    Combo_chart to display a numeric_null_value?

    Friedrich Hofmann

      I have the following problem:


      - Next to the primary chart on the current sheet of my app, I have a "historical_values chart"

      => That does not have a proper dimension, just two data_points:

         - "prior_week"

         - "prior_month"


      => For reasons of screen_space, that second chart is necessarily much smaller than the primary one

      - The issue I have is, the values to display in this chart are, so far, always 0 - which is very good, but hard to display...

      - In my primary chart, the expression is displayed as a line and because there are six days which get connected, the line is visible.

        <=> In the historical_chart, there is only one data_point (the two are disconnected, two completely separate values), so there is no  
                line, but only a dot...

      <=> When I choose the display_type bar, it doesn't get any better - the bar is hardly visible.

            => Just modifying the axis to start at a value of -1 doesn't help matters for the bar only starts at 0...


      Can anyone suggest a possible solution here?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,